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Floral syrup


These are  informal pictrues for new style in autum &winter . I took them last night.




Another upcoming dress by Juliette et Justine

FFFFUUUU. Lady and the Unicorn and then this. (Dem boob curtains tho)

hhhnnggggg CATS!!!!

New series coming soon from: MagicPotion


Hannah Snowdon





What’s best than the most romantic city in the world to see La vie en Rose? This winter, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Street Fashion Europe and French Café are happy to welcome you to an exceptional event on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 of February 2015 ✧( ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧

You are invited to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. We are delighted to announce that La vie en Rose will be an event organized in exclusive collaboration with the iconnic brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!

The first day of this event still holds a lot of surprises (๑>ᴗ<๑) Expect prestigious guests and enchanting fashion shows, including the new exclusive collections of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! Numerous booths of indie and Japanese brands will also join us to make this romantic day a perfect one.

And what would a wedding be without the honeymoon? This year, Baby the Stars Shine Bright winter Tea Party will be hosted by SFE and French Café, and will celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Parisian shop.

Bake your chocolate cookies, and write your love cards, SFE Valentine’s Celebration is coming! ꒰◍•̤ु௰•̤ु꒱*♡

Check our event page here

Follow us on facebook here

aaahhhh I’ll be handeling the tickets @_@ this will mean sleepless nights, Enchanted Tickets were crazy!


Myself in Triple Fortune for Rufflecon. Thanks for the photo, Caitlin

Gothic lolita for Revelry



Back from Rufflecon, I managed to finish the dress on the train up and won second place for the handmade contest! Better dress form pictures later, but I just wanted to share my new favorite thing, a commission by scorpionxstar of me in pigeon form.

That dress is amazing @_@




The Mystical World Of Mushrooms Captured In Photos

Most people consider mushrooms to be the small, ugly cousins of the plant kingdom, but theirs is  surprisingly beautiful and wonderful world waiting to be explored. These beautiful mushrooms, captured by enthusiastic nature photographers, are a far cry from the ones you find in the woods or your local grocery store.

Most mushrooms, as we know them, are actually just the reproductive structure of the fungus they belong to – their fungal networks expand far further underground, and some fungi don’t even sprout the sort of mushrooms that we’re used to seeing. In fact, depending on your definition of “organism,” the largest living organism in the world is a fungus – there’s a honey mushroom colony in Oregon that occupies about 2,000 acres of land! ( Bored Panda )

Love these colors and textures. Strange mushrooms can be some of the most beautiful things.

Who the fuck said mushrooms were ugly??? I’m ready to kick some ass.

I wore my new Grimoire celestial dress :) #dolly kei #grimoire


The finished “Fall Flower Fairy” dress and crown. I like how this dress turned out, I think it’s really cute and it makes me happy! Hopefully i’ll be able to get proper photos of in a pumpkin patch or someplace autumny. 

The whole thing was made in a week from chiffon, organza, tulle, and sixty dollars worth of fake flowers. It was really easy and fun to work on.

I have three blog posts that about the process of making this, they can be viewed here. I also have three videos about it posted here!

  • ALICE IN FUN FAIR: Your favourite alice bow
  • AMOUR D'AMANTS: Your favourite blouse
  • AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE: Your favourite bonnet
  • ANGEL'S WINDOW: Your favourite brand
  • BALLERINA RABBITS: Your favourite cardigan
  • BELLE PIERRERIES: Your favourite colour to wear
  • BONE CHINA: Your favourite coordinate
  • CHESS CHOCOLATE: Your favourite dress
  • CHEST RIBBON ANGEL: Your favourite fashion magazine
  • CLASSICAL CHAIRS: Your favourite lolita picture
  • CUPCAKES AND CHOCOLATE RABBITS: Your favourite necklace
  • DWARF STORY: Your favourite place to shop
  • FORK AND SPOON: Your favourite shoes
  • GARDENING TEDDY-CHAN: Your favourite skirt
  • GERTRUDE: Your favourite socks
  • GOTHIC ARCH: Your favourite substyle
  • HOLY QUEEN: Your least favourite brand
  • HONEY PICNIC: Your least favourite colour to wear
  • IRON GATE: Your least favourite print
  • JAM JAR: Your least favourite substyle
  • LA ÉCLAIRER DU CROIX: Your lolita icon
  • LA VIE D'ARISTOCRATE: Your lolita ideal
  • LOTTA: A lolita friend
  • MARIA ANTONIO: A happy lolita memory
  • MARY ANTOINETTE: A sad lolita memory
  • MILKY PLANET: Books or films that inspire you
  • MUSEUM BEAR: Paintings or artists that inspire you
  • OPERETTA BOUQUET: The dress that made you fall in love with lolita
  • PUPPET CIRCUS: The first dress you bought
  • RABBIT CAFE: The last dress you bought
  • RABBIT'S SCHOOL: The most beautiful print
  • RITUAL: The most beautiful thing you own
  • ROSENKREUZ: Your cheapest lolita item
  • SCENT OF RAPUNZEL: Your most expensive lolita item
  • SLEEPING ALICE: Your most recent purchase
  • ST. MOPHISTO CATHÉDRALE: Your opinion on casual lolita
  • STAINED GLASS: Your opinion on gothic lolita
  • STARRY NIGHT THEATRE: Your opinion on OTT lolita
  • SUGARY CARNIVAL: Your opinion on replicas
  • SWAN LAKE: Your opinion on second-hand
  • TWINKLE JOURNEY: Your opinion on sweet lolita
  • VAMPIRE REQUIEM: Your family's opinion on lolita
  • VENETIAN GLASS: Your style at work/school
  • ALICE & THE PIRATES: Your favourite aatp item
  • ANGELIC PRETTY: Your favourite ap item
  • ATELIER BOZ: Your favourite ab item
  • ATELIER PIERROT: Your favourite ap item
  • BABY THE STAR SHINE BRIGHT: Your favourite btssb item
  • EMILY TEMPLE CUTE: Your favourite etc item
  • H.NAOTO: Your favourite hn item
  • INNOCENT WORLD: Your favourite iw item
  • JANE MARPLE: Your favourite jm item
  • JULIETTE ET JUSTINE: Your favourite jetj item
  • MARY MAGDALENE: Your favourite mm item
  • METAMORPHOSE TEMPS DE FILLE: Your favourite meta item
  • MOI-MÊME-MOITIÉ: Your favourite mmm item
  • VICTORIAN MAIDEN: Your favourite vm item


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Hello ^__^
I like lolita, otome, Cult Party kei and other Japanese street fashions and that's mostly what you'll find on my tumblr. I reblog most of the time but occasionally I'll post my coords or things I've found that I like.

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