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Floral syrup


Country: UK
‘Copperius Bureau’ skirt by Juliette et Justine with overlying cage skirt and reliquary worn as a necklace



A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.

Today’s outfit: mori girl x lolita for a warm spring day.


My favourite pictures from the Enchanted Tea Party ! You can see more here~


Saturday outfit for Enchanted
My friend made my head piece which is like my favorite thing ever! She even made the little Sylvanian family bear little matching clothes!
I was stupidly lucky and someone was selling the honey cake bag at the bring and buy so now I can be sort of pancake queen! I literally stopped talking to someone half sentenced saying pancakes? and ran to the bring and buy stall.

Jsk - Angelic Pretty honey cake special set jsk
Blouse- Peacockalorum
Jewellrey- Angelic Pretty
Tights- Taobao
Shoes- Secret Shop



- Styling by LEONID GUREVICH for GLASSbook // DOE DEERE photographed by JASON SETIAWAN -



❤ My ETC glitter shoe collection is finally complete!!! ^O^ Now come out with an emerald and purple pair ETC :X 


The Golden Age feat. Innocent World’s Grazia Crown Coordinate

"Boy, we’re dancing through the snow / Waters freeze, the wind blows /  Did you ever feel / We’re falling as we grow?"

Cardigan: Juliette et Justine

Dress, Headbow, Tights: Innocent World

Underskirt: Victorian Maiden

Necklace: From my mother

Accessory: Moss Badger

Bag: Milk

Nails: OPI (Metallic 4 Life)

I don’t think the otk match, but at least it matches the theme? 


As-yet-unreleased dresses featured in the Juliette et Justine Spring-Summer 2014 catalog! 

Pretty sure I need the third one, which features an underwater motif: coral, jellyfish, seaweed and even a lobster!


did a photo shooting with the lovely nana from #lolitakomplex for an upcoming book about #gothiclolita

here’s a preview

copyright: Eve Evangel

head pieces: off brand / handmade

head jewelery: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

blouse: Alice and the Pirates

necklace: Innocent World

dress: Juliette et Justine

tights: Juliette et Justine

shoes: Alice and the Pirates

ring: Alice and the Pirates


My magic potion




Outfit from 10/04/2014. It was super bright today, making it hard to get a good photograph! This is the best of the lot, mostly chosen because the background came out really well and my hair looks good! I’m really loving this longer length on the JSK, I was thinking of shortening it after Enchanted but that isn’t going to happen any time soon!

The clock bag is a really useful size and shape, I can fit all my essentials in it with room to spare so I’m using it the most out of all the bags I own!

For a full outfit rundown, see here


Enchanted outfit!

Photos from saoirseclohessy [super cool matching moment!! yay ♡, loved the outfit!], polyphonic-image​ & myaumania​ ♡ thanks dears 

Dress ♡ Atelier Pierrot [one of the guests of honour!!] ; Blouse ♡ H&M ; Bonnet ♡ Chantilly ; Bag ♡ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ; Corset thing ♡ Bodyline ; Shoes ♡ Yosuke 


Found this old picture of princesstrashcan being cute in cult party kei <3

My cult party cub <3

Hello ^__^
I like lolita, otome, Cult Party kei and other Japanese street fashions and that's mostly what you'll find on my tumblr. I reblog most of the time but occasionally I'll post my coords or things I've found that I like.

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