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Floral syrup


Ægishjálmr, helm of awe embroidered on my dress bib. I really need to do some more embroidery! 



Last Enchanted thing I’ll upload, outfit pic taken by Florence of . 

classy classy classy



Please don’t repost, thank you! :3

High quality prints available soon, after I add a little jellyfish cat / cat jelly / jellykitty?? into the picture (yes, more opportunities for word games lol). If you’re interested, please email me at to be notified when they’re available!


Country: UK
‘Copperius Bureau’ skirt by Juliette et Justine with overlying cage skirt and reliquary worn as a necklace



A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.

Today’s outfit: mori girl x lolita for a warm spring day.


My favourite pictures from the Enchanted Tea Party ! You can see more here~


Saturday outfit for Enchanted
My friend made my head piece which is like my favorite thing ever! She even made the little Sylvanian family bear little matching clothes!
I was stupidly lucky and someone was selling the honey cake bag at the bring and buy so now I can be sort of pancake queen! I literally stopped talking to someone half sentenced saying pancakes? and ran to the bring and buy stall.

Jsk - Angelic Pretty honey cake special set jsk
Blouse- Peacockalorum
Jewellrey- Angelic Pretty
Tights- Taobao
Shoes- Secret Shop



- Styling by LEONID GUREVICH for GLASSbook // DOE DEERE photographed by JASON SETIAWAN -



❤ My ETC glitter shoe collection is finally complete!!! ^O^ Now come out with an emerald and purple pair ETC :X 


The Golden Age feat. Innocent World’s Grazia Crown Coordinate

"Boy, we’re dancing through the snow / Waters freeze, the wind blows /  Did you ever feel / We’re falling as we grow?"

Cardigan: Juliette et Justine

Dress, Headbow, Tights: Innocent World

Underskirt: Victorian Maiden

Necklace: From my mother

Accessory: Moss Badger

Bag: Milk

Nails: OPI (Metallic 4 Life)

I don’t think the otk match, but at least it matches the theme? 


As-yet-unreleased dresses featured in the Juliette et Justine Spring-Summer 2014 catalog! 

Pretty sure I need the third one, which features an underwater motif: coral, jellyfish, seaweed and even a lobster!


did a photo shooting with the lovely nana from #lolitakomplex for an upcoming book about #gothiclolita

here’s a preview

copyright: Eve Evangel

head pieces: off brand / handmade

head jewelery: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

blouse: Alice and the Pirates

necklace: Innocent World

dress: Juliette et Justine

tights: Juliette et Justine

shoes: Alice and the Pirates

ring: Alice and the Pirates


My magic potion

Hello ^__^
I like lolita, otome, Cult Party kei and other Japanese street fashions and that's mostly what you'll find on my tumblr. I reblog most of the time but occasionally I'll post my coords or things I've found that I like.

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